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Art Program

The Art Program provides a venue for self-expression and holistic development of individuals who are deaf. As a holistic way of providing support to the capabilities and talents of children who are deaf in expressing their creativity using different forms of art, LINK Center for the Deaf Inc. will be organizing “Unspoken” a virtual art program for trainers of students and young artists who are deaf. The visual art program will feature a curriculum on Basic Art knowledge and competencies. The online art trainings will be offered to selected Special Education (SPED) teachers who will be art mentors of students and young artists who are deaf in their respective schools.

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LINK Center for the Deaf Inc. in collaboration with Idr. Lizza M. E. Juarez provides an art program entitled: UNSPOKEN: Self Spoken through ART for  students who are deaf and teachers from public schools. The 14 weeks art program aims to develop both the knowledge and skills competencies of the participants through studying and the application of the basic Elements and Principles of Art

UNSPOKEN: Art Program student 101

August to December 2022
Art Programs

Unspoken: Art Program Trainers 101

February - May 2022


January 5, 2019